A Great Exercise - How Often Do You Squat?

One of the best exercises you can do it home is a squat. A squat begins as a person stands in an upright position. The move begins as you press your hips back and start bending the knees. You continue lowering your torso until your hip joint is lower than the knee joint. Try to picture yourself taking a seat, while pushing your bum into the back of your feet. The move is repeated several times, generally 3-4 times per week.You can work on your "squat form," if you have a mirror you can do squats in front of, therefore you can seeing weaker areas that need improvement.

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This truly is a full body workout. Many people feel that squats are designed to gain muscle in your legs but if don't properly they work your legs, abs, back, arms and even your butt. Challenge yourself by adding hand weights or a weight bar across your back. The potential for strengthening your body with the help of the squat movement is quite reasonable and realistic. Remember to consult a physician before changing your work out routine. Happy squatting.

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