Considering Personal Security Matters

Its a shame that not a day goes by where you can't find a story in the news about someone getting assaulted, mugged, robbed, kidnapped or murdered, and it seems like our personal security and safety is increasingly at risk.

Perhaps it always was this way with personal security matters. Perhaps it's just an aspect of certain elements of humanity to want to use force to get what they want, or maybe it is just the nature of our modern media to accentuate these personal security incidents and make it seem like threats to our personal safety are increasing but violent incidents sure do get our attention, and there's no denying that threats to our personal security can happen. So, it sure does make sense to consider our own safety and that of our family and loved ones as we go about our lives.

In our opinion, the best personal security measures are to be observant at all times and avoid trouble and trouble spots (dark alleys, shady neighborhoods etc.) whenever possible. If trouble or a potential threat to your security looms ahead, turn around and go the other way run away if you have to there is no shame in avoiding trouble and potential injury. In our opinion, being a tough guy is mostly for the movies and military combat, and your personal safety is worth more than a bruised ego.

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Now some would disagree, arguing that bad guys (and girls) need to be taught a lesson and confronted. But unless you've had combat or personal security training, you're in a highly vulnerable situation in every confrontational situation. You just never know what the other person or persons are capable of. They could have a knife, a gun, combat training, accomplices that are out of sight etc. etc., and once a physical altercation begins, things can become highly fluid and unpredictable. Personal safety and security matters should never be taken for granted.

A few general personal security and safety tips (in no particular order):

1. Vary your daily routines and travel routes don't let a potential assailant know where you are likely to be at any particular time of day or night. Consider carrying a personal alarm.

2. Always check the locks on doors and windows when you settle in, and when you leave your building. Don't forget the car, garage and front gate.

3. When traveling on public transit, sit near other people, or near exits.

4. Dress down whenever appropriate, don't wear flashy or expensive jewellery that can attract attention from thieves.

5. Keep the interior of your car clean with nothing inside to attract attention. Always lock all doors, close all windows, and keep valuables out of sight in the trunk. Never pick up hitch hikers.

6. Stay away from dark areas at night as much as possible. Park under or near a street light and carry a small flashlight if possible (useful for many things, like dropped keys and illuminating dark areas before approaching).

7. Trust your instincts, if you feel uncomfortable in an area or situation, then leave. If you arrive to find a forced entry at your destination, do not go inside. Call the authorities instead.

There are no guarantees when it comes to personal safety and security, but being vigilant and consistently following a few basic rules can dramatically reduce your vulnerability to violence.

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