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Pure Pelvic Health is a speciality physiotherapy practice treating all forms of pelvic floor dysfunction. We empower our patients with knowledge and information and support them with encouragement, empathy and understanding.

We created Pure Pelvic Health to provide a friendly and comfortable environment offering the best evidence-based treatment for pelvic health conditions. We are safe and welcoming and invite anyone who needs help to schedule a consultation; the results could be life changing.

Our Dedicated Team

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists

Danielle van Andel (she/her)

Danielle van Andel is a pelvic floor physiotherapist with more than a decade of experience treating exclusively pelvic health related pain and dysfunction. Danielle is highly regarded by her patients, her peers and the medical community.

Danielle began her educational journey at the University of Guelph, obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree with an interest in Reproductive Biology. Recognizing her desire for further knowledge and her natural ability to empathize with and help people in challenging situations, Danielle pursued a career in Physiotherapy. Danielle graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton in 2008 with a Master of Science degree in Physiotherapy.

It was at McMaster University that Danielle first became interested in the relatively new field of pelvic health physiotherapy. She took her first pelvic health specialty course in 2010 and briefly worked in a combined pelvic health and orthopedic practice. As Danielle continued seeking out additional pelvic health educational opportunities, she was excited by the results that her patients were achieving. In 2012 Danielle accepted a position and intensive pelvic health internship at The Centre For Pelvic Health in Cambridge, Ontario, eventually becoming the clinical leader.

As a life long learner Danielle continues to pursue additional educational in the area of pelvic health care. She has participated in multiple international conferences including the First World Congress on Abdominal and Pelvic Pain in Amsterdam, the Third World Congress on Abdominal and Pelvic Pain in Washington, the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health Conference in San Diego. She has participated in many courses and conferences on persistent / chronic pain including the NOI group’s Explain Pain, and the International Spine and Pain Institute Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Danielle is also passionate about teaching and sharing her wealth of knowledge with other healthcare professionals. Danielle is an Associate Clinical Professor (Adjunct) with the School of Family Medicine at McMaster University. Danielle (and Pure Pelvic Health) also provides clinical elective opportunities for the McMaster University Midwifery Education Program.

Silvana Yee (she/her)

Silvana Yee is one of the longest practicing pelvic floor physiotherapists in Hamilton. Her genuine caring and empathetic nature are comforting and reassuring to her patients while her knowledge and experience provide the results her patients are looking for.

Silvana graduated from Queen’s University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy. After graduating, Silvana focused on orthopedics and sports medicine outpatient physiotherapy for the first decade of her career. In 2011 Silvana began taking specialty pelvic health courses and incorporating pelvic floor physiotherapy into her practice. Encouraged by the need for pelvic floor physiotherapy and excited by the results her patients were achieving, Silvana was committed to building her practice and making pelvic floor physiotherapy more readily available to the community.

Silvana is a well-rounded pelvic floor physiotherapist treating women and men of all ages, children, and individuals in the transgender community who are preparing for or who have undergone bottom surgery. As a life long learner, Silvana continues to seek out educational opportunities to further develop her knowledge and skills in the area of pelvic health. Silvana listens carefully to her patients needs and remains up-to-date and aware of their changing needs.

Office Administration

Maureen Linehan (she/her)

When you call Pure Pelvic Health the friendly voice on the other end of the phone belongs to Maureen.  Maureen is an outgoing, fun loving administrative powerhouse who can listen as well as she chats.  If you are not sure if pelvic floor physiotherapy is for you there is no one easier to talk than Maureen.  When she is not answering your calls and running the office, Maureen is also our compression hosiery expert fitter and consultant.  If you have tired, achy or swollen legs ask Maureen about the benefits of compression hosiery at your next visit.  When Maureen finally gets to leave the office she is a musician, music lover, foodie, and world traveler.

“We empower our patients with knowledge and information and support them with encouragement, empathy and understanding”

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