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Central Sensitization Inventory

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Electronic Communication

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Cancellation Policy

Pure Pelvic Health requires 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Patients cancelling or rescheduling appointments with less than 48 hours notice will be charge a fee equal to 50% of the scheduled service. Patients cancelling the day of their appointment or not showing up for their scheduled appointment will be charged a fee equal to 100% of the scheduled service. We understand that unexpected situations do arise and we will work with you to avoid late fees whenever possible. Please note that we have a long list of patients waiting for appointments and when you cancel without adequate notice it is more difficult for other patients to adjust their schedules to accommodate a last minute cancellation.

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Consent to assessment and treatment

Thank you for the confidence and commitment you are demonstrating through your decision to pursue pelvic health physiotherapy. Before we get started, we would like to review some information regarding the internal component of your assessment and treatment. There are three main reasons that we assess and treat the pelvic floor muscles internally, either rectally or vaginally. The first is that these muscles cannot be palpated or reached externally, The second is that we are unable to ensure that your prescribed exercises are being completed properly. Lastly, and most importantly, we are assessing to see whether these muscles are lengthened and weak, or tightened and weak. This determination will dictate the course of your treatment. If we look at the research, there is clear evidence to suggest that giving written or verbal cues for pelvic floor muscle training does not constitute adequate training. Additionally, there are guidelines that recommend that pelvic floor muscle training be completed using an internal approach or biofeedback. Like any course of treatment, on rare occasions patients can experience the following adverse reactions: NAUSEA OR LIGHTHEADEDNESS, PAIN OR DISCOMFORT, SKIN IRRITATION OR REACTION TO LUBRICANT GEL, ANXIETY OR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, BLEEDING DURING OR AFTER TREATMENT UNRELATED TO MENSES. Please inform your physiotherapist should any of these reactions occur. We cannot perform internal treatment on patients under the following circumstances. If any of these apply to you, or if this information changes in the future, please inform your physiotherapist: ACTIVE INFECTION, RADIATION INJURY LESS THAN 12 WEEKS, POST-OPERATIVE LESS THAN 6 WEEKS (12 WEEKS FOR PROLAPSE REPAIR), ACTIVE RECTAL BLEEDING, SEED IMPLANTS OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS, IF YOU ARE PREGNANT AND HAVE BEEN ADVISED BY YOUR DOCTOR TO ABSTAIN FROM INTERCOURSE. Potential benefits of treatment may include: DECREASED SYMPTOMS, IMPROVED STRENGTH, AWARENESS AND FLEXIBILITY, IMPROVED BLADDER/BOWEL CONTROL, DECREASED PAIN AND DISCOMFORT, IMPROVED ABILITY TO PERFORM DAILY ACTIVITIES, IMPROVED KNOWLEDGE AB OUT MANAGING AND TREATING YOUR CONDITION. If I do not wish to undergo the internal assessment and treatment of my pelvic floor, I will discuss alternatives with my physiotherapist, family doctor or my specialist.

My consent to assessment and treatment *