Danielle in PPE

At Pure Pelvic Health a physical assessment and treatment has been our standard of care, but the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged us to be more openminded to alternatives such as virtual appointments.  In the spring of 2020 during the lockdown in Ontario, virtual visits were the only option for our clients.  We were happy to discover that it is possible to deliver the fundamentals of care (compassion, education, and communication) virtually and with excellent patient results and satisfaction.  After nine months of providing virtual appointments what began as a necessity has grown steadily as many people are enjoying the convenience of virtual care.  We have been so pleased with the results and improved access to pelvic floor physiotherapy that virtual care will be a permanent option at Pure Pelvic Health.

As restrictions were eased in the early summer and we returned to providing in-person visits we continued and still continue to suggest that your first appointment be completed virtually whenever possible.  Your first appointment with Pure Pelvic Health is mostly spent gathering information and discussing your concerns with the physiotherapist.  By conducting this appointment virtually we can limit our physical time together in an enclosed consultation room.  A virtual appointment also provides a nice opportunity to communicate without a mask.  Following your first appointment we do still suggest at least one in-person visit for a physical assessment but this is not a requirement.  Once you have completed an initial visit, treatment visits can be virtual, in-person, or a combination of both.  The reality is that some conditions are treated as effectively virtually as they are in-person, while other conditions really require in-person visits to achieve optimal results.  Danielle will discuss her recommendations with you initially and on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are achieving the results that you want.  Pure Pelvic Health is committed to your success and we are supportive of the model of care that works the best for you.