Physiotherapist Danielle posing on EMSELLA chair with a magazine
By Danielle van Andel (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist)

I’m generally quite skeptical when it comes to new technology targeting the pelvic floor, a sentiment that my coworkers and clients may be familiar with. So when a magical Kegel throne hit the market, I was understandably wary and even discouraged my clients from using it. However, as research emerged and it gained traction, I began to reconsider. Initially, I questioned its necessity, as prescribed Kegels are cost-effective. Yet, many patients struggle to incorporate exercises into their routines and yearn for quick results. Additionally, some feel discomfort with internal exams required for traditional pelvic floor exercises. Enter the EMSELLA chair. With its rapid results, it provides a sense of achievement—a significant motivator. There’s no need for daily exercises, and it can be performed fully clothed, addressing several barriers to traditional therapy. While it’s not suitable for everyone or every issue, for many, it can be a game changer. In my opinion, that’s certainly something worth considering.

Physiotherapist Danielle van Andel posed and relaxed on EMSELLA chair