Cartoon of bladder and pelvis

Have you been diagnosed with Overactive Bladder?  Do you experience a sudden strong urge to urinate?  Is this having a negative impact on your quality of life?  Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help.

What changes can your patient expect to see with physiotherapy?

Patients with overactive bladder usually see significant improvements, if not full resolution, of their leaking, urinary urgency and frequency.

What is involved in physiotherapy for overactive bladder?

We teach patients how to locate, contract and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.  Some patients will have tight, tender areas within their pelvic floor and will receive manual muscle release and stretching exercises.  We also provide education on urinary urge, urge management techniques, and bladder training.  Diet, fluids, constipation and other urge triggers will be explored.  We will teach your patients how to identify these factors and how to make appropriate modifications. Education on the role of stress and anxiety in urinary urgency will be provided. We also identify and treat any associated symptoms such as prolapse.

How long will it take to see improvement?

Most patients will begin to notice improvements within a few sessions, though full results will generally take longer.  Patients with a more complicated presentation may require more visits over a longer time period.

How do I get started?

To arrange a consultation with a physiotherapist a Pure Pelvic Health please call us at (905) 218-6556.