Take time for yourself, slow down.

I took a break. Just a small one to relax. I needed to put some things aside and get organized.

I went to the doctor the other week and for the first time in my life I have high blood pressure. Luckily nothing I need medicine for, but it's still high and needs to be monitored.

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I also got another migraine so mind numbing it sent me home from work. My vision was blurry and I got sick in the parking lot. It was two days of pain and I just needed sleep.

I started school this week. Economics and an information technology course. Both are only 8 weeks long so it will be non stop working to fit everything in such a short semester.

I don't want the stress to win so I'm doing all I can to stay positive and strong. Drinking more water, trying to eat more fruits and veggies, and I'm still going to the gym when my brain isn't pounding.

I knew these last few months of the year weren't going to be easy, especially with school and everything going on at work, but I never expected my health to take such a hit. It's amazing how much stress can affect your body. I've read about it and have heard stress can be harmful, but I never really took it to heart til now.

Take time for yourself, slow down. Make time to do something you love or just sit back and relax. Stand tall. Stress doesn't have to win. I'm going to find a way to brush it off my shoulders.

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